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Wildlife on SSSI
Access and misuse
The SSSI site consists of a good variety of habitats with mature saltmarsh, dune systems, tidal creeks, lagoons, beach with intermittent shingle ridges and a small area of mixed rush and reed. 
This map not only demonstrates the sites close proximity to houses but also shows that it is in fact an extension of the Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve (NNR) enjoying the same flora and fauna.
Photo index
The first diagram shows the Seacroft Marsh SSSI after the initial breach in the outer dune ridge just south of the old boat compound and the second has been updated to show the steady changes that have taken place. There has been considerable erosian of the outer dunes and saltmarsh, creeks have been blocked by sand pushed onto the saltmarsh and water, unable to drain away, remains for much longer periods following spring tides.
Satellite map of
Seacroft Marsh SSSI 2012